How To Find A Cash Buyer in Chicago

You’ve decided you want to sell your house for cash in Chicago. Now it’s time to find a cash buyer. I’m going to show you how to find a cash buyer for your Chicago house.

In my previous articles, I talked about the benefits of selling your home to companies that buy houses as is for cash. But do you really know how to find a cash buyer for your Chicago house?

Guide for How To Find a Cash Buyer

how to find a cash buyer when selling a house in Chicaog



When looking for a buyer, always do an extensive search and find all options before making a decision. This will ensure that you will end up selling your house to a person or a company you actually trust.Real buyers are just as reliable as any real estate agent, if not even more. But you just have to know these tips and tricks on finding the safest and the best in the business.


Best websites on How To Find a Cash Buyer

The first thing most people do when trying to find a house investor is using the ‘find a cash buyer’ keyword. But why do that when you can go directly to these sites, search for companies that buy homes and sell your house fast?

websites on how to find a cash buyer


Although Craigslist often has a bad rep for being unsafe, it’s an incredible website when you want to find investors. And you CAN do it in a safe way.

BiggerPocket’s article on Finding Buyers on Craigslist offers a fantastic insight on everything you need to know about home investors on Craigslist.

In a short summary, the article explains that the best way is to search in the ‘real estate wanted’ section as well as post your own ad. It identifies two types of Craigslist’s investors – passive and aggressive. This is how to find a cash buyer fast.

With a passive way (creating a simple ad stating your business), he suggests using WuFoo which allows you to create simple forms to keep your potential buyers organized.

And here’s how to find cash buyers on Craigslist’s effectively using the aggressive method:

  • Write down all house buyers and call them.
  • State what you’re looking for and give all necessary information – use this to create a list for the future.
  • Ask them if they are cash house buyers – if they say yes, BINGO – you found them.

Check the Yellow Pages

check yellow pages on how to find a cash buyer

This might be an old-fashioned way, but yellow pages always have a real estate section where you’ll be able to find the oldest and some of the most trustworthy cash buyers in Chicago, IL. Here’s the link to the Chicago yellow pages where you can search for the ‘cash house buyers’ and find all relatable services. Then all you need to do is give them a call and arrange the whole process. And if you decide to go with We Buy Houses Fast Chicago, your house can be sold for cash in less than a week!

How To Find a Cash Buyer: Other Sources

We’re not even close to being done yet. When it comes to real estate, some of the best opportunities can be missed due to focusing solely online. Here’s a few ways to learn how to find a cash buyer in Chicago, IL without having to use the internet:

Chicago Real Estate Investors Association

CREIA might have some answers you are searching for. Think of it as a database for investors – not only will you be able to find your cash buyer, you will also be able to network with other likeminded investors. It’s a fantastic way to get insight into the real estate business and ask all questions you might have – you will find people who have already gone through the house selling process, probably more than just once.


Check out the ‘we buy houses’ signs

Chicago has a lot of ‘we buy houses’ signs that have probably grabbed your attention before. But have you ever tried dialing the number and seeing what happens? When calling a potential buyer, they’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about their company and the entire house buying process in general. It’s the best way to establish a relationship quickly and effectively.

Ask local real estate agents

Similar to the aggressive Craigslist option, you can also ask local real estate agents if they know of any potential buyers in Chicago. While most might not want to give you information that can drive away their business, you can find honest real estate agents that are just passionate on the subject and willing to help you out. You never know – maybe some work as a buyer on the side!

Word of mouth

talking about how to find a cash buyer

Have you ever wondered if your neighbor might be the one that has a good house buying business? It never hurts to ask your neighbors if they know someone – sometimes the business is so good and local you don’t even need to advertise it.

Always ask around – talk to your family, tell them to ask at their workplace or simply go to the locals in the area. If you know someone who has been living in Chicago for a very long time, they will probably know a few tricks of the real estate trade. And hey, you’ll also make some new friends along the way.

We buy houses Chicago!

Still not happy with your choice? Don’t forget – you already are on the blog of a cash house buying company, We Buy Houses Fast Chicago. Not only do we offer cash for your house, we are also giving you all necessary insight into the real estate business. Whether you have questions about relocation, divorce, stopping a foreclosure, renting out your house or you just want to know more about selling your house fast, just browse through our blog.

We buy houses in Chicago and can make you a deal in less than 1 day. We buy houses in record time – as little as two days! Got repairs? It doesn’t matter!

Fill out this fast cash offer form and we’ll give you a call with an offer – your house could be easily sold in less than a week without any hassles. We’re also able to answer any questions you might have on real estate in general.

House Investors Who Buy Houses for Cash in Chicago

You’ve probably heard of them before – house investors that buy houses cash in Chicago, IL. We Buy Houses Fast Chicago is one such company.

But what exactly are the benefits of house investors? Why is it becoming such a popular option? There are definitely advantages to house investors and many see it as a better investment of their time to go with one when they want to sell their house fast.

In this article, we’ll look at the pros and cons of selling your house to a real estate investor in Chicago so you can get a full picture of the business and what to expect when dealing with real estate investors.

house investors chicago

All you need to know about house investors that buy in cash

Being a real estate investor is a fantastic job for those who enjoy networking and are extremely good at real estate sales. But do you know everything there is to know about real estate investors? Have a look at some pros and cons of house investors!

Here are the pros of working with investors that buy houses cash

Pros of house investors:

Chicago house investors

  • You won’t have to pay real estate commissions.

Normally, agents will charge certain commissions for using their service. Completely understandable. But house investors don’t and yet they deliver the same service, except faster.

  • They will help you update and upgrade your property.

And you won’t have to worry about any of this – unless you wanted to.

  • They offer flexible payment options.

By offering a variety of payment options you will be able to sell your house fast regardless of your financial state. Alongside, you will also be able to avoid foreclosure.

  • We are able to pay cash and sell your house fast

‘As Is’ sale means that your house can be sold without providing a warranty or being on the hook for problems with the house. You will be able to save a lot of money as well as time. House investors that buy houses cash do not need a warranty. They are getting a discount on the house and know it needs repairs.

  • No hidden fees.

Investors have no hidden real estate fees. This makes it easy to get a good price on your property.

Cons of house investors:

pros and cons of selling a house to real estate investors

  • They don’t need a license to buy

It might be hard to do a background check on the person selling your home, however, you should still be able to check reviews of the house buying company to make sure it is legitimate. A reputable house investor should provide you references and be honest and upfront about their business.

  • Scammers are out there!

It’s a popular way for scammers to make money off of innocent people. There are some we buy houses scams out there. So how do you make sure your real estate investor is legitimate? You should be able to look up any agent with the Better Business Bureau. An honest real estate investor will also be open to answer any questions you might have about the house selling process.

  • You might get less money for your house

Due to purchasing your house ‘As Is’, this usually means the value of the house will go down. However, due to so many hidden costs of real estate agents, you will often find that cost-free house investors are actually a better option as you roughly end up with the same amount of money as you’re not going through the usual paperwork process.

Investors that buy houses cash need to buy at a discount so that they can cover the unknown expenses they may incur.

6 things every house seller should know

things to know when selling your house in Chicago

  • Give yourself time

Unless you want to sell your house fast, house selling is often a long process. Give yourself time to make sure things go the way you want them to and that you can sell for the value you want. You will need to be patient – it’s part of the game.

  • House viewings are a tiring process

Apart from keeping your house clean at all times, pet-owners will also have to keep an eye on their animals – or better yet, keep them away from the house during a viewing. You really don’t want your dog to run crazy around the house as your potential buyers are looking around. Warning: there will be a lot of time wasters.

  • But house viewings are also important

When preparing your house for a viewing, you should go beyond just hiring a cleaner or cleaning the property yourself. Sometimes painting the facade, decorating or even keeping the house warmer than usual during the viewing can help speed up the process.

  • Good photos are the secret to success

When you list your property, you need to make sure your photos are fantastic. They are the first ‘house viewing’ people will get – so either brush up on your photography skills or hire a professional who will help you take absolutely perfect pictures. Trust us – you’ll be thanking them later.

  • Get help when you need to

Everyone thinks they are able to sell the house by themselves. But are you really? Do you know the best ways to put your house on the market? Are you familiar with the tricks of the trade and know the real estate lingo inside out? If yes, good for you. If no, don’t worry – our blog is a fantastic resource with plenty of valuable real estate information that will help you make a right decision.

  • You can sell your house in just 7 days!

With [business_name], your house can be sold in 7 days if necessary. We buy houses. Got repairs? Doesn’t matter. We buy houses for cash as-is!

house investors in chicago

Give us a call at 773-599-9494 or fill out our form – you will hear back from us with a cash offer in less than a day and you can close it whenever you want. Your house can be sold tomorrow, in a week or even in a few months – it’s up to you.

We’re also here to answer any questions you might have on the house selling process, avoiding foreclosure, selling your house with tenants still in it and much much more. Give us a call on 773-599-9494 and sell your house fast!

I Need to Sell My House in Chicago, What Should I Do?

“I need to sell my house Chicago! Help!”

Happens all the time. People have situations and they say “I need to sell my house in Chicago NOW!”

There are so many reasons a home owner may be looking to sell now. Job relocation, family movement, or property downsizing are all normal factors when considering to sell. With 2018’s healthy housing market and continuing recession repair, capitalizing on a seller’s market is an intelligent, financially solid decision many homeowners are deciding. But many sellers wonder where to begin. How do I let go of my property when I need to sell my house fast?

stressed because i need to sell my house

When you’re considering ‘I need to sell my house fast’, Chicago homeowners may believe jumping in immediately will save them time and money. If selling as soon as possible is top of the list , knowing the typical selling process and the few considerations involved will be good information that will shorten your property’s time on the market. Before starting the selling process, homeowners should think about these simple steps to be sure their home is sold as quickly and efficiently as it can.

How Much Do You Owe?

Knowing and understanding as much about your property as possible is a smart place to start your selling process. How much square feet does the property have? How aged is the property and has it went up in value during the time you’ve owned it? Does your house have any expensive repairs or damaged updates needed that might hold up a sell? The solutions to these and many other questions will not only help you sell your home to interested buyers but also give you an estimation on how much to price it.

One of the most important questions homeowners must begin with, however, is about how much mortgage they owe. How much cash is left on your loan? Unless you’re keeping paper copies of your monthly mortgage bill – a highly recommended behavior for anyone with years of mortgage payment plans – you might not be able to remember the exact figure right away. Thankfully, homeowners can solve this issue rather quickly.

Figuring the principal amount owed on a home payment loan is easy. A call to your mortgage lender can give you all types of information: last payment amount, interest rates, payment plan, and even the exact payoff amount. Why is this information so important to homeowners wanting to sell? Unless a homeowner is held with an underwater mortgage, realizing how much you owe means understanding how much you’ll potentially net from selling your home. Homeowners can make a nice buck if they sell their property for more than what is owed. The monetary gains earned from the sale can be taxed, depending on your state and the situation, but most homeowners get, at minimum, a few thousand dollars at closing. This can help pay off commissions, selling fees, or used as a down payment for a new property. The more a homeowner understands about their mortgage, the better they’ll be when starting the selling process.

A Little Research About Your House Goes a Long Way

i need to sell my house research

Taking the time to research your property is a huge step when looking to sell your home in Chicago, IL. If a homeowner doesn’t know what similar houses are selling for, how long they’re normally on the market, and if those homes are in better or worse condition, homeowners looking to sell are at a serious disadvantage.

Put in the effort and do some quick research for a fair home estimate. Most homeowners don’t know what their property is actually worth without requiring the aid of a professional. Whether it’s an appraisal or using the aid of an inspection, homeowners can be clueless to the value of their house. Without hiring professionals that require tremendous fees, an hour online can provide a safe estimate on your house.

What are the best sources to use when I need to sell my house? Third party real estate sites can offer property information in a particular region without calling in the professionals. Using sites like Zillow and Trulia, homeowners can compare their home to others on the market that have similar updates. Knowing what comparable homes in the same condition sold for is essential when setting a selling price. These sites also give data on homes. This data can show amount of time a particular property took to sell. While needing to sell fast, knowing a home’s time period on the market is essential.

Selling a house with an Agent

i need to sell my house with an agent

After gathering all the information you can about your property, it’s time to sell. Many homeowners are believe that hiring a real estate agent to sell their property is the smartest decision for their situation. But selling with an agent can leave you in the housing market limbo for months at a time. If I need to sell my house right now, I’ll avoid real estate companies and travel the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) route.

Selling with an agent can be an option for some people. Agents typically pay for your home’s advertising, preparation for open houses, and finding potential buyers. But these perks come at a high price some homeowners aren’t interested paying. Keeping your home in tip top condition is one responsibility sellers must take on when using an agent to sell their property. Unless your family is palace like and your property is already in showroom condition, sprucing up a property to meet a realtor’s expectations can be both time consuming and costly.

Real estate agents aren’t cheap either. Although they offer services, some busy homeowners may be thinking “but I need to sell my house now”, and, nowadays, most property owners can do what an agent does at a fraction of the price. Listing your home on sites or in the paper can work just as well as paying a premium for an agent. Homeowners can also control their own open houses to bring buyers. Setting your home and writing information via homemade brochures require little time or cost. If you find yourself thinking “I need to sell my house quickly, forego the hired help and do it yourself.

Selling your house with Us

i need to sell my house fast

When I need to sell my house as quickly as possible, I search for cash buyers. Not only do they offer fair prices on properties, home buyers provide the shortest timeline when selling. Forget three months on the housing market; how about seven days? If you’re looking for a reliable cash buyer company with years of experience, consider how We Buy Houses Fast in the Chicago area.

Avoid the painful hassles when selling your home. Because We Buy Houses Fast, we can close within a week. Homeowners don’t need to make expensive repairs or updates to receive a fair cash offer; We will buy any property fast. Instead of paying for the appraisals, inspections, surveys, and closing costs associated with hiring an agent, We will buy your home without demanding you to pay any expenses. There’s no catch!

Capitalize on 2018’s healthy housing market by selling your property as soon as possible. If you want the best offer you can get with a speedy closing, consider how We Buy Houses Fast in Chicago. They provide the smoothest move between selling and moving without you paying a dime.