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Do You Need To Stop A Foreclosure in Chicago?

Are You Facing Foreclosure? Sell Your House in Chicago Now!

Don’t let your hard-earned home equity vanish through foreclosure, especially with the expiration of the federal foreclosure ban putting many Americans at risk of losing their homes. If you’re facing foreclosure, mortgage forbearance, payment delinquency, or pre-foreclosure, consider selling your home to We Buy Houses Fast Chicago as an alternative to traditional foreclosure assistance. This could potentially halt the foreclosure process and allow you to get back the equity in your home.

Acting swiftly is crucial, as time is of the essence. Reach out to us immediately for a chance to sell your house and avoid the detrimental financial consequences associated with foreclosure. We will personally assess your home and present you with a cash offer, requiring no repairs or clean-ups on your part.

If the value of your home has appreciated compared to your mortgage, our offer may be able to cover your debts, reimburse your lender, and put a stop to the pre-foreclosure or foreclosure proceedings. We are here to explore every opportunity to prevent foreclosure and provide you with a viable alternative.

Can Selling My Home Help My Credit If I'm Behind on Payments?

If you sell your home to We Buy Houses Fast Chicago, you can safeguard your credit. You can even ask your lender to report the debt as “PAID” to the credit bureaus, which will help prevent a significant negative impact on your credit score, unlike what usually happens with a foreclosure.

It’s important to note that the longer you remain in forbearance and continue to miss payments, the more your credit will be adversely affected. If you’re unable to catch up on your payments, it’s generally better to sell your house sooner rather than later to safeguard your current and future credit score.

If you’re currently behind on your mortgage payments, it’s crucial not to delay! Get in touch with us right away, and our local home buyers can provide guidance on your available options before it becomes too late.

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