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Having your own Chicago house is great, but it requires a lot of maintenance and money to keep it in good shape. Some repairs are normal wear and tear, but sometimes you have to fix unexpected issues that can be expensive and cause financial stress. Now, expensive home repairs left unrepaired can significantly decrease the house’s appeal and lead to a longer time on the market with no buyer insight. Even if you get an offer, the house may have to be sold at a lower price than the cost of the necessary repairs.

What’s more, repairing things around your home can be expensive, and finding the right people to do the job can take a lot of time. If you try to do the work yourself, it could take even longer. And, to add to the pain, you might even have to miss work while the repairs are happening.

What Are The Most Common Home Repair Costs?

The cost of fixing things in a house can differ depending on where you live, how big your place is, and what needs fixing. Some of the most common repairs that people have to include are:

Types of Repairs Price Range Average National Cost
$5,575 - $17,238
$3920 - $10,540
$5,000 - $9,000
$524 - $2470
$150 - $7,000
Water Heater
$800 - $2,700

We Buy Fixer Upper Houses As-Is

If you need to sell a fixer-upper house for the most cash, contact us because we buy houses that need repairs in Chicago. Are you tired of thinking, “I don’t want to pay for these repairs or “I’m selling my house ‘as is?” Then our “We Buy Houses Chicago” company has the perfect solution for you. Selling your fixer-upper to us means you avoid high renovation costs for your home.

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