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Behind on Property Taxes in Chicago

Avoid Losing Your House to Property Taxes in Chicago

Selling a house fast with an approaching redemption date due to owed taxes in Cook County can be a big headache, CONTACT US immediately. We can help! Please give us a call at 773-599-9494 to receive a FAST cash offer for your house.

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We can help you with the process of selling a house, without any extra costs out of pocket for you. How? We have a team of experts that can help you with your situation and buy your house if it is behind on taxes or have been sold. Learn more about how we can help you before your house goes to the tax purchaser and you won’t get a dime for your house, give us a call 773-599-9494 or contact us online and Receive a Fast Cash Offer and sell your house fast in Cook County, Illinois.

Can you sell a house with back taxes in Chicago?

Buying Chicago houses with back taxes is a really common situation for us to encounter. If a homeowner has a house that’s paid off or the taxes aren’t being escrowed with the mortgage, it gets really easy to not pay them. Since homeowners have other taxes and bills to worry about, your real estate taxes can get a year or two behind in a flash.

One of the problems that comes with owing back taxes is that the county authorities want to be paid. They can get a little aggressive if you don’t pay them their cash so they also start adding on a lot of penalties and interest in addition to the amount of taxes owed. It’s an unfortunate situation when somebody has a vacant house that needs serious repairs and they haven’t made a property tax payment for multiple years.

Once in a while we’ll come across someone who actually owes more in real estate taxes than what we could pay for the house. We buy houses in Chicago that have back taxes. It’s a really good idea to sell your house before you get too far behind in your taxes.

Do I have to pay my back property taxes before selling my house?

Many people come to us and want to know if they should pay their back taxes before we buy their house and our answer to that question is no. When enter into a contract with a company like ours to close on your house, you’re better off not paying the taxes. The title company will take the payment out of your proceeds at closing so you don’t have to pay anything upfront.

Our goal at is to have a win-win agreement when we make an offer to buy your property from you. Selling a house to us is stress free and fast.

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