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How To the Stop Foreclosure Process and Sell Your House in Chicago

Facing Chicago Foreclosure

All it takes is a few missed mortgage payments to put the Chicago home you worked very hard for in danger of foreclosure. What are the most smartest steps to take if you know you’re already looking at pending foreclosure in Illinois or just worried it’s close to heading there? If you don’t take action proactively you will inevitably lose your property. So don’t put it off – do what needs to be done now! 

Stop Foreclosure On My Chicago House

Before you start making any decisions about how to deal with your home facing foreclosure, please make sure a notice was delivered to you in a timely and legal way. Your lender, in fact, all lenders must appropriately notify the homeowner by certified mail with the notice of foreclosure to the property owner’s most recent address on file. If you find your notice was not delivered properly, you can file a petition to pause your foreclosure and get temporary relief. Even though this only slows down the foreclosure process, you can get a little time to think about a solution.

How To Avoid Foreclosure in Chicago

Forbearance. In order to be granted a forbearance need to request a pause or suspension of your payments if you can’t make a payment for a specific period of time due to unforeseen circumstances. when you’re not making your payments. A forebearance will may buy you some time but it often adds a lump sum or additional payments. These sums of payment can pile up quickly and can be difficult to handle if you’re under financial strain.

A Loan modification or a mortgage allows homeowners to restructure their their loans and make reduced payments. Usually a loan modification reduces the interest rate or could reduce the principal but it allows for the homeowner to make lower payments over the time of their loan due to a hardships such as the loss of a job or a medical emergency. This allows you to pay a portion of your mortgage until a certain date in the future when payments usually become either more expensive or they may get added to your principal but you’re going to have to repay those missed payments. A modification is good path to take in a foreclosure  situation because you can keep the property while keeping a foreclosure off your credit report.

Your Chicago property can still be foreclosed on while they’re in Bankruptcy. the lender can receive a relief of stay from the bankruptcy court and that allows them to auction your property at the foreclosure sale so bankruptcy may not lead to the best option when it comes to avoiding foreclosure. In the end, you could still end up losing your home, having a bankruptcy on your credit, and, if the amount of your sold house doesn’t cover the foreclosure sale amount, your could still owe money in the end.

Your best solution for stopping foreclosure may be to sell your home while there is time left and before you get too far into the foreclosure process. Selling your house in a retail sale with a real estate agent, or to investor who pays cash for houses in a short time are options. Selling your property with a retail sale is best if your home doesn’t need any major repairs and you have enough time to wait for that perfect buyer. If your house is not in the best condition, you may not be able to recover some of your equity so the time and money required to sell your home by listing with an agent may be worth it. When selling to a cash investor, usually you won’t have to pay for any repairs on the property. Investors can also close, typically within a week, since they are buying with cash which is the best situation for someone who needs to avoid foreclosure quickly.